About US

Established in 2012, Town Crier Marketing is designed to help local communities achieve the marketing success they deserve.

We are here to help small businesses achieve their marketing goals, and as a result we maintain competitive pricing to allow us to be affordable to all. We don’t just advise on strategy and creativity – we make things happen.

We communicate, cultivate and coordinate.Town Crier Marketing was developed on the basis that we understand small businesses struggle with balancing time and resources. So we help. We do it for you.

Helping to streamline your brand, we work alongside you to build the perfect marketing strategy for your ideal marketing objectives. Leveraging networks and market techniques are constantly shifting, and for a small business it can near be impossible to stay up to date, and we structured our entire business on this factor – to stay up to date on behalf of all small businesses.However, don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our satisfied customers and how we helped them;

What We DO

Our Services are designed to give you the most out of your small business marketing objective. Offering a comprehensive list of marketing options, we assist customers with the following elements of marketing campaigns;

  • Brand refresh
  • Graphics
  • Logo design and visuals package
  • Social media
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing execution
  • Local activations
  • Print delivery
  • Video production
  • Social media advertising
  • Cold calling
  • Networking
  • Referral pipeline build
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Brand alignments
  • Service coaching
  • Marketing coaching

Enhance your brand awareness in local markets

  • For businesses that have their presence in several local markets, a good marketing strategy can work wonders. Your local presence and brand awareness creates a great demand for revised and innovative strategies for individual markets, especially to gain and retain business.
  • We, at Town Crier Marketing aim at providing all this and more to help your business gain constant growth in your marketplace. Based on market surveys and a great deal of experience in the industry, we strive to provide comprehensive marketing solutions for local markets. Our services are highly inclusive covering a wide range; right from the initial planning and budgeting to implementing the plans and studying the logistics.

Custom marketing material for targeted markets and audiences

Our pioneering local area marketing strategies provide our clients businesses with an opportunity to create a solid customer base in the local targeted markets. Our efficient marketing team undertakes detailed analysis and surveys of the targeted markets to determine their individual requirements. After conducting in-depth analysis on local market trends, marketing messages and other advertising material, we create a campaign which the audience can relate to.

Here is how our competent local marketeers can help you win over your rivals and establish integrity among your customers:

  • We will organize one on one consultations and idea generation sessions to know your business better and to portray our ideas in front of you
  • Focused on your local area, we will undergo comprehensive research and generate action plans to build brand awareness and good will in your targeted marketplace
  • We will keep an eye on the results obtained through our efforts and provide you feedback and guidance on regular basis
  • We are available for any kind of feedback or guidance you need; you can contact us via phone or email

Be heard on a global level with Social Media Marketing

As part of your local area marketing, we will also manage your Social Media Marketing projects. Our marketing services consist of SEO, website design, logo, flyer and banner designs, product packaging design, sales trainings and value adding. The tasks involved in the whole process would be as follows:

  • Design and production of the local marketing material
  • Maintenance of your online portals and social media marketing, strategic alliance, free dictionary listing
  • Customer care program
  • Strategic alliance and local community associations
  • Consultation, management and network building by strategic alliance with local business
  • Organising events for business awareness

Learn other skills for relationship building with customers and associates

In addition to these services, our staff also specialises in providing professional training and guidance regarding negotiations, network building and relationship improvement skills. We can negotiate on your behalf to establish key relationships within the community. We aim to not only implement workable marketing strategies, but to also direct our clients on how to continue obtaining favourable results.

We are here to work out the most efficient marketing strategies for your business in the local markets so that the potential customers not only know what to get but also know where to get it from.


One Small Planet

Brad Keeling

Chat is a marketing professional who I’ve known in this capacity for several years. He has superior instincts with a creative and intuitive mind. He has a great understanding of, and belief in, the emerging new marketing opportunities that the new digital and social media platforms are presenting, while maintaining a strong grounding in traditional marketing. I currently work with Chat on mutual clients and would highly recommend that anyone finding the opportunity to work with him to do so without hesitation.

Storage King

Robbie Rae

I have worked with Chat for many years, I have found his work ethic and demeanor second to none. I would recommend him for any project.

The Net

Peter Thorpe

Chat is one of those rare people who is able to think outside the square. He has an active and fertile imagination and is able to put ideas into action. I'd recommend Chat if you are looking for some fresh ideas that might just give you that winning edge.

King Content

Charles Morgan

Chat is beyond intelligent and has a fantastic ability to understand marketing problems in Australia and abroad. He has successfully delivered multiple strategies to clients and seen them through production and final delivery. Chat is a proven marketer who understands the power of community and networks to deliver key messages to audiences. I can not wait to work with him again in the near future.